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Creative MagSafe Cardholder Wallets for iPhone 12, 13, and 14

In 2022, it seems like everyone is talking about MagSafe card holder wallets these days.

In case you’re not familiar with them, they are ultra-minimalist wallets that carry at least 2 – 3 cards and attach magnetically to the back of your iPhone 12, 13, or 14.

They’re called MagSafe wallets because they work with Apple’s proprietary MagSafe technology.

There are more than a dozen MagSafe card holder wallets to choose from

All 12 magsafe wallets
12 MagSafe wallets that I have tested. Photo: Kim Stone

Most MagSafe wallets are about the same dimensions, roughly 2.5 x 3.75 inches. For the most part, they are all designed to fit on any iPhone 12/13, from the Mini up through the Pro Max.

Some of them hold up to 6 – 7 cards, like MagBak and Peak Design, but generally 2-3 cards and a bill of cash is about max for most others.

I usually carry one credit card, a driver’s license, and a $20 bill that I fold over twice. That’s all I need 95% of the time. 

What unifies them all is that they attach magnetically to the back of an iPhone 12 or 13. 

These are my favorite MagSafe wallets.






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MagSafe Wallet


Kings Back


Peak Design



Card Capacity






Carries one bill of cash

Magnet strength

Good enough






Vegan leather

Full-grain leather


Canvas and steel

Full-grain leather

Pull strap

Price (Feb. 2022)






Magsafe wallets need an iPhone 12 or newer and a Magsafe compatible case

Many MagSafe card holder wallets will attach to a “naked” iPhone 12 or 13. But in practice, the majority of us put a case on our phones to protect them.

MagSafe wallets and all other MagSafe accessories (like chargers, car mounts, etc.) require a case that is MagSafe compatible. This means is has another MagSafe magnet array built into it. A plain case not made for MagSafe just won’t cut it.

I use an Apple MagSafe silicone case with my iPhone 12 and 14 Pro. This case works great with all MagSafe wallets and other accessories and it has nice grippy feel to it. And since it’s made by Apple, I know it’s going to work in the MagSafe ecosystem.

iPhone 12 Pro and Apple MagSafe case side by side
Apple MagSafe silicone case and iPhone 12 Pro. Photo: Kim Stone

But there are also dozens of other of manufactures besides Apple who also make MagSafe compatible cases.

I put together a quick list of MagSafe compatible cases for iPhone 12/13 here.

Keep in mind that MagSafe technology is only built into the iPhone 12 and 13. Older phones from the iPhone 11 back to the iPhone 8 can still charge wirelessly, but they lack the MagSafe aligning magnets of the iPhone 12 and newer that hold MagSafe accessories like wallets.

A MagSafe wallet is always attached to your phone

My favorite part of carrying a MagSafe wallet is that it’s always attached to my iPhone. As long as I remember my phone, my wallet never gets left at home. That means I only have to remember one thing rather than two.

Peak Design Mobile wallet - attached to iPhone 12 Pro
The Peak Design Mobile MagSafe wallet on my iPhone 12 Pro with an Apple MagSafe silicone case. Photo: Kim Stone

The only time I forget my wallet is in my car. That’s because I have to remove the wallet first to place my phone on the MagSafe charging mount that’s attached to my car vent.

I have yet to develop a reliable system that reminds me to re-attach the wallet to my phone when I get out of the car. Any suggestions?

Akeeni XSTO wallet The Akeeni XSTO is my favorite card holder wallet for carrying all the extra things a MagSafe wallet can’t handle. I often keep this locked up in my car. (Don’t tell anyone.)

Some MagSafe wallets also have grips and kickstands

Most MagSafe wallets are super thin and the extra thickness it gives your phone is barely noticeable. 

Magnet strength of the various MagSafe wallets varies, but by and large, the magnet is strong enough that the wallet stays on your phone in most situations. 

Holding the phone with the Moft wallet
Magnet strength varies, but even the Moft wallet holds my iPhone 12 Pro. Photo: Kim Stone

Moft is my overall favorite MagSafe wallet because it folds into a kickstand for all viewing configurations, including portrait, landscape, and floating. 

Moft kickstand positions

The Spigen Smart Fold wallet and the Peak Design Mobile wallet also have kickstands but they’re not quite as versatile or stable as the Moft. 

Spigen Smart Fold and Peak Design Mobile wallets
Two MagSafe wallets with kickstands. Left: Spigen Smart Fold Right: Peak Design Mobile Photo: Kim Stone

I also really like the Distil Union Wally Junior and the Kings Loot Kings’ Back because they both have pull tabs for quick access to your cards. 

Distil Wally Junior and Kings Back magsafe wallets
Distil Union ‘Wally Junior’ and Kings Loot ‘Kings Back’. Photo: Kim Stone

I lean more towards the Kings Back, though, because it has a much stronger MagSafe wallet than the Wally Junior. I recently spoke to Distil Union and they are planning to improve their magnet strength in their next production run.

The Magbak and the PopSocket PopWallet give you ways to hold your phone with having to actually touch your phone. I like this feature a lot. 

Magbak and PopWallet on iPhones
Left: Magbak on iPhone 12 Pro. Right: PopWallet+ on iPhone 12 Pro Max. Photo: Kim Stone

The Fantom C is the most unique MagSafe wallet because of its ceramic-coated aluminum construction with an efficient way to fan out your cards for easy selection. 

Fantom C with fanned out cards

I also like the Mous MagSafe wallet because of the 160 silicone dots that it has on the back. This helps keep their wallet from twisting and sliding. 

Mous MagSafe wallet showing grippy dots on back
Mous MagSafe wallet. Grippy dots on the back keep it from slipping on your phone. Photo: Kim Stone

The only MagSafe wallet that I don’t like is the original MagSafe wallet from Apple. That’s because its the only wallet that you have to remove from your phone first to use it. And it doesn’t handle cash well.

More about MagSafe wallets below.