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Best MagSafe Wallet – No, It’s Not Made by Apple

All 12 magsafe wallets

MagSafe wallets are minimalist card holders with strong built-in magnets that attach to the back of any iPhone 12 or newer. They hold from 1 to 7 debit cards, credit cards, id cards, transit cards, or any other card that’s the same size. MagSafe wallets only attach to a bare …

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Moft MagSafe Wallet Review: A Better Alternative to Apple

Moft wallet in vertical position with kickstand

The Moft MagSafe wallet is a magnetic wallet that attaches to the back of your iPhone (iPhone 12, 13, and 14 only) with Apple’s MagSafe technology. It will hold 3 cards and some cash. It’s most important feature is the 3-position kickstand that lets you view your iPhone in vertical, …

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What is the Strongest MagSafe Wallet?

14 MagSafe wallets with PopWallet+ on top

I tested the Magnet strength of 14 different MagSafe compatible wallets. Unquestionably, the strongest MagSafe wallet is clearly the PopWallet+ for MagSafe from PopSockets.  In fact, the PopWallet+ magnet is twice as strong as its nearest competitor. If magnet strength is your only criteria, you can stop reading right now …

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