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How the Bellroy Mod Phone Case and Wallet Makes MagSafe Better

The Single Rail System by Bellroy enhances the standard MagSafe magnetic attachment between the Bellroy Mod phone case and wallet. It provides extra stability and eliminates the common issues of twisting, sliding, and separation.

Bellroy calls this the Single Rail System because of the recessed slot at the bottom of the case and this matching rail on the Mod wallet. The case is designed only for the iPhone 14.

Bellroy Mod Phone Case

Let’s start with the Bellroy Mod case for your iPhone 14. My phone is an iPhone 14 Pro and that’s one I’ll be demonstrating. But if you have the iPhone 14 Pro Max, Bellroy makes a case and wallet for that one, too. 

The Bellroy case is MagSafe compatible, so you can use it with any MagSafe compatible wallet, not just their Mod wallet. And like all MagSafe compatible cases, you can charge your phone on any MagSafe charger.

With my X-ray vision sheet here, you can see the standard Apple MagSafe ring and positioning magnet inside the case.

magnetic sheet on Bellroy Mod Phone case showing magsafe array.

The Bellroy Mod Wallet won’t fall off

The problem with many MagSafe wallets, in general, is that have a tendency to easily twist back and forth, slide up and down,  and slide side to side, even with the positional magnet at the base of the main magnet ring. This increases the chances of the wallet falling off your phone.

The single rail system of the Bellroy Mod case and the matching Mod wallet virtually eliminates these movements. First, the rail on the back of the wallet fits the groove on the back of the Bellroy case. This gives the case extra stability from both twisting and sliding motions. 

The Bellroy Mod phone case and Mod wallet has a 3-year warranty and free shipping.

And because the iPhone 14 Pro lens cluster is large, the top of the Mod wallet wedges against it at the top. This eliminates all twisting motion and sliding the wallet up or down and helps restrict sliding the wallet sideways. 

The Bellroy Mod wallet opens from the side

What it doesn’t do is make it more resistant to prying the wallet of of the case, which is the other way that a MagSafe wallet can separate from a MagSafe compatible case. This is an issue because for 90% of the MagSafe wallets out there because you have access your cards from the top. 

But ah ha! Bellroy has eliminated this by making their cards accessible from the side rather than the top. A door opens up on an angled hinge that lets you slide out up to 3 cards. 

It holds two cards and a bill of cash

Personally, I like to carry just 2 cards, usually a credit card and my driver’s license. This leaves room for a bill or two of cash. 

Bellroy Mod phone case and wallet with cards and cash

After you’ve replaced your card or cash, just close the door and it snaps closed magnetically. As long as you don’t overload it, the cards slide in and out easily. The door keeps all of your cards hidden and the magnetic door latch keeps the door closed. 

Once the Mod wallet is attached, it’s remarkably stable. Of course, to remove it, you just pry it from the top with finger. 

I would rate the magnet strength as slightly better than most other MagSafe wallets. An with the single rail system, it’s far more stable than any other MagSafe wallet that just relies on the conventional Apple magnet ring and positioning magnet. 

Why Bellroy developed the single rail system

As I mentioned earlier, this isn’t Bellroy’s first MagSafe case and wallet with rails. For the iPhone 12 and 13, they used two rails rather than one. I don’t have one to demo, but this is why I think they went with just single rail in the iPhone 14. 

With the iPhone 14, the lens cluster is considerably larger than the iPhone 13. It’s so large, in fact, that the top of the Mod wallet butts up against the lower ridge of the Bellroy mod case where it surrounds the lens cluster. 

The Mod wallet can’t twist because it is wedged against this ridge at the top while the rail at the bottom fits into the slot on the case. The wallet is pretty much locked in place.

For the smaller size of the lens cluster of the iPhone 12 and 13, the double rail Mod wallet had more wiggle room. So Bellroy needed that extra rail at the top to lock it in place because of the extra space below the lenses didn’t support the top of the wallet. 

What does this all mean? It means that the Bellroy Mod wallet and Mod case together are more stable than any other MagSafe compatible case and MagSafe wallet combination.