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Lost and Found? The Ekster AirTag Wallet Will Never Fail You

The Ekster AirTag wallet is a carbon copy of the Ekster Parliament wallet with a slight modification to carry the Apple Air tag.

Instead of the usual Parliament card slot on the back, the slot now has a molded leather pouch that perfectly fits the AirTag and holds it securely.

With any Apple device, you’ll be able to locate this wallet in a jiffy.

It fits like a glove in your pocket

Yes, the AirTag will add about a quarter inch of thickness to the wallet, but that extra width extends to the outside. That means that it doesn’t decrease the capacity of cards on the inside or make it harder for the wallet to close.

It’s just as easy to carry in your pocket too.

Ekster AirTag wallet with AirTag

I’ve carried many different Ekster wallets including the original Parliament on which the AirTag wallet is based. The extra rounded bump made by the AirTag on the wallet is hardly noticeable. And honestly? I forget that it’s even there.

It works with Apple’s Find My network

You install the AirTag by opening a flap on the back and slipping the air tag inside. The flap rests against the body of the wallet so the AirTag stays put.

Ekster AirTag wallet installing AirTag

When it’s time to change the battery (after a year or so, according to Apple) you just open the flap push the AirTag out with your thumb.

The AirTag works with Apple’s Find My network, which comes preinstalled on all Apple devices. Once the AirTag is installed in your wallet, it should make your wallet all but unusable.

Apple Find My screen with map

When you install it remember you have to pair it with your iPhone using your Apple ID. You probably know how to do this but if not, check out this link for Apple’s instructions.

Design and Functionality

The Ekster AirTag wallet holds up to six cards in the aluminum case and uses the same reliable pop-up slider as all Ekster wallets to eject them into a perfect fan. There’s also room for two to four more cards in the two card slots inside.

Ekster AirTag wallet showing cards and cash

There’s also a handy elastic band for cash and receipts.

But you don’t want to overload it. Just like the regular Ekster Parliament, putting too many cards inside will make the wallet thicker and slightly harder to close.

Personally, I like to use no more than one card in each slot keep the wallet more slim and trim. You can also squeeze another card behind the AirTag if you need a little extra room.

High quality ECCO leather

Like all Ekster wallets the Ekster AirTag wallet uses high quality ECCO leather that’s made from American hides. The leather is thick and supple and it really feels like quality.

Sure, like any leather, it will scratch over time. But in my experience, the stitching and leather durability has held up well after years of carrying.

It’s only available in black and brown, which is kind of a bummer. I say that mainly because the Ekster Parliament and Senate each come with about 10 colors to choose from. Maybe Ekster will add some more colors as time goes on? We can only hope.

Need more cards? Try the Ekster AirTag cardholder

If you need some more extra overall card capacity, you might consider the Ekster aluminum card holder that will hold a whopping 15 cards. Six fit into the aluminum case and another nine under the backing plate on the back.

Ekster AirTag Cardholder general aspect

You push out the cards on the back with your thumb. It’s super simple to access all the cards, especially if you spread them out like a deck of cards.


The Ekster AirTag wallet retails for $110 and does not include the Apple AirTag which you’ll have to buy separately. The AirTag usually runs around $30.

I agree that $110 seems kind of pricey, but I have never seen a single day that Ekster wasn’t running some sort of sale with at least 20 percent off the retail price on their website.

And if you buy the AirTag in a four pack, you can save on that too.