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Disclosure and Editorial Policy

My goal at Wallet Surfer.com is to introduce you to the incredible world of innovative wallets. I do this by recommending wallets that you, my readers, may benefit from owning. Below, I have included information about how I may be compensated for the content that I write and my editorial process.

Affiliate links

As an Amazon Associate I earn from qualifying purchases. I also participate in numerous affiliate programs, including Rakuten, Ekster, Affiliatly, Sharesale, Refersion, and others. This is at no additional cost to you. This compensation helps to make this blog possible so I can provide you with the information you need to choose the perfect wallet. 

Most importantly, these affiliate programs do not affect the objectivity of my reviews and evaluations. In fact, many of the wallets that I review do not have affiliate programs. If I feel it’s a worthy wallet, I’ll recommend it. The buttons and links that I include are intended to provide you with more information about the wallets that I recommend and the opportunity to purchase them. 

Editorial process

Every wallet that I evaluate and review has been thoroughly researched. For all full reviews of individual wallets, I personally carry that particular wallet for a minimum of several weeks. This allows me to assess the features and functionality of the wallet in real-time from my own personal experience. 

I buy many of the wallets I review, and manufacturers are kind enough to send me samples. In full disclosure, though, I don’t possess all of the wallets that I mention on WalletSurfer.com.

Whether I own it or not, I read dozens of owner reviews and comments. I watch every product review video I can find and consult the wallet manufacturer’s website and other sales pages.  I also contact wallet manufacturers directly if I need more complete information.

When choosing which wallet to evaluate in my posts, I usually select those that have a majority of 4 to 5-star reviews from a variety of sources. Additionally, I only select wallets that have been on the market long enough to accumulate a solid representative number of reviews.

Unfortunately, there are many “feature-rich” wallets that look good on paper. But if owner reviews are sparse or their comments tend towards a poor experience, I will not include them in my recommendations.

I also review more obscure wallets that are handcrafted or made in relatively small quantities. For these, I always purchase the wallet that I review and test it out personally.

As I said, I do not own all of the wallets that I evaluate (there are just too many). However, at last count, my personal collection is approaching 100. And to be honest, I’m having a hard time trying to find space for them all!

For those I don’t own, my thorough research process allows me to get a very good feel for an individual wallet. And if I feel good about it, I will present it to you as a wallet to consider purchasing.