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7 High Capacity Wallets with Lots of Card Slots

There are occasions when you need more of everything. That applies to the capacity of the wallet you carry, too. Luckily, wallet manufacturers have responded by making a variety of wallets with lots of card slots.

Some of them have a capacity of up to 36 cards. But these aren’t just bulky containers with no style or substance. They are beautiful and well organized, made with high quality leather in a vast array of colors.

Sometimes you need a roomy sport utility vehicle when a Mini Cooper just won’t cut it. So here are 7 wallets that will carry more cards than anyone should ever need.

1. Marshall RFID Blocking Hipster Wallet

Marshall RFID Hipster wallet

The Marshal RFID blocking hipster is a wallet that holds a lot of cards for a standard bifold type wallet. How is this capacity possible? Well, they add a hinged leather panel that brings up the card count to a grand total of 20.

There are plenty of slots for credit and debit cards, gift cards, employee IDs, or shopping cards. The sky is the limit and you never have to worry that you left an important card at home. 

The leather is premium quality and comes in colors and designs that appeal to both men and women. Everything inside is RFID-protected from the criminal element that might be scanning your cards to steal your personal information.

The wallet is a straightforward design with no zippers to jam or money clips to fool with. There are two cash slots inside and an ID window on one side of the hinged panel.

The Marshal hipster wallet can get quite thick with all of those cards, but they make no claims about minimalism. This wallet proudly holds it all.

2. Buvelife Credit Card Wallet for Women

Buvelife many slot wallet

If you’re looking for a zippered RFID wallet with room for a massive 36 cards, the Buvelife Credit Card wallet is hard to pass by. The cards slots are arranged accordion style with each card perfectly displayed. Just open the wallet up wide and every card is separate and visible, ripe for the choosing.

At 8” long, it’s not something that would fit into anything smaller than a kangaroo’s pocket. Most women would more likely call this a clutch, I think. 

The leather is genuine cowhide that is imprinted with a pebbly texture. The Buvelife credit card wallet is 100% hand made and available in 10 different colors. Besides the 3 dozen cards slots, there is room for cash with space for a smart phone and a checkbook. And it all zips up tight into an RFID protected enclosure.

With all this capacity, I’m sure you’ll find plenty to put in it. Owners generally love the wallet, but some wish it had a coin pocket.

3. Travelambo women’s RFID card case wallet

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Many of these high capacity wallets are so similar in design that they’re distinguished mainly by the price. This one is a very affordable $10. With its accordion-style card holders and zip-around design, the Travelambo RFID Large Capacity is similar to the Buvelife on this list.

It’s a functional wallet and doesn’t put on any airs about being more than that. However, it comes in 16 different colors, so customizing it to compliment your purse should be easy as pie.

Chipolo wallet finder banner 300x

This is a zip around wallet, and the company claims the zipper they use has stood up to being opened and close more than 100,000 times. If you zip and unzip five times a day, it should last 54 years.

With room for 36 cards in the accordions style slots, its a good thing that the Travelambo is covered with RFID blocking material. That’s a whole lot of cards to protect from potential RFID skimming.

4. Qubel RFID-blocking Trifold Wallet

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The Qubel RFID-blocking trifold wallet holds a maximum of 17 cards with a conventional slot for cash. It’s designed as a man’s wallet, so the 100% genuine leather construction only comes in black. The cards fit tightly in the wallet slots at first. But after a break in period of several weeks, they loosen up just enough to slide them in and out nicely.

This wallet has a handy ID window on the outside for a driver’s license or this year’s Christmas portrait of your dog. ID windows really come in handy.

Owners say that the wallet feels like quality. The more cards you have in your wallet, the more  personal information you can lose to wireless thieves. The RFID-blocking protection built into the Qubel RFID blocking Trifold wallet should give you some peace of mind when you are out and about.

Even with the large capacity, it folds down to a pocketable 3 1/2” x 4 1/2”. For a man looking for a RFID-blocking wallet with a classic design and a lot of cards slots, this one is a winner.


Ekster banner

5. Pokofo Large RFID Trifold Wallet

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The Pokofo Large RFID trifold isn’t exactly a man purse, but it’s a tight squeeze into most pants pockets. It’s large enough, in fact, to slide a standard size passport inside.

Besides it’s capacity for 11 cards, it has a coin pocket with a snap and a zippered full-size slot for cash. It shouldn’t be surprising, then, that the wallet is almost an inch thick. One owner even mentioned that it reminds him of carrying a pocket bible. The wallet even snaps closed just like it. 

Chipolo wallet finder banner 300x

The Pokofo trifold uses soft cowhide leather that breathes and develops character as it ages. It’s a wallet for men who have never heard of the word minimalist, but that’s part of its charm. It’s big and roomy and won’t force you leave anything out to conserve space.

The RFID-blocking material is “military-grade proprietary” according to the manufacturer, so your credit and debit cards are definitely safe. Despite its larger size, most owners love this wallet. Why leave the kitchen sink at home?

6. Lacheln RFID Blocking Credit Card Organizer

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Most wallets on this list use standard card slots or accordion slots. Not the Lacheln RFID-blocking credit card organizer. It uses transparent sleeves to hold your cards. And it’s a fraction of the size of any other wallet mentioned so far: just 4.33” x 3.23”. Yet, it holds 20 cards!

Use the sleeves for shopping cards, credit cards, pressed flowers, or toothpicks. Then use the attractive, heavy-duty zipper to zip it all up tight. It’s made of high-quality leather with a pebbly texture and available in 20 different colors. 

Remove an individual card from its plastic sleeves by way of the cut-out at the bottom of each sleeve. The clear plastic sleeves are like having 20 ID windows which gives you a full view of each card. The wallet is remarkable small for the number of cards that it carries and will fit comfortably in a front pocket.

The Lacheln credit card organizer has RFID scanning protection, too. For under $15, there is a lot of value—and capacity—in this credit card organizing wallet. 

7. Sendefn Large Capacity Women’s Wallet

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This is an elegant and highly functional women’s wallet with a unique design. Instead of accordion slots or transparent sleeves, there are conventional card slots. It’s unique because the cards are spaced over 4 separate panels that each hold 6 cards each.

It’s big enough to hold a smartphone, with a zippered pocket inside the cash pocket, and even 4 receipt slots. That’s a huge amount of highly organized capacity. 

Chipolo wallet finder banner 300x

The Sendefn Large Capacity Women’s wallet is really more of a clutch because it’s nearly 8 inches long. With contrasting stitching, a wrist strap, and a decorative snap buckle to keep it closed, it’s a stylish accessory. Owners rave about the color and the capacity, though it does get quite thick when loaded up with shopping cards, checkbooks, credit cards, cash, and smartphones.

This wallet has lots of card slots (24 total) and will definitely hold all your stuff. Owners also appreciate the classy box and packaging that the wallet comes in. And, of course, all of the contents are protected from the risks of RFID skimming. Load it up.

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