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Best Bluetooth GPS Wallet Trackers: I Tested 8 of Them

A Bluetooth GPS wallet tracker will find your wallet, whether it’s buried under a sofa cushion in your living room or on a rock half way across the world.

I wrote this guide to the 8 Best Bluetooth GPS wallet trackers because everyone misplaces their wallet. It’s inevitable.

You and I and everyone else are helplessly forgetful. If our fingers weren’t attached, much of our lives would be spent looking for them.

These wallet trackers are thin, powerful, and will fit handily inside just about any wallet. While they all work pretty much the same way, the size of the network they connect to is the most important feature.

Comparative table of wallet tracker features.

Bluetooth range

250 feet (60m)

200 feet (60m)

200 feet (60m)

200 feet (60m)


3.4 x 2.1 x .10"

2.67 x 1.45 x .08"

3.35 x 2.1 x .09"

3.4 x 2.1"

Ring volume (at 1 meter)

68.2 dB normal
71.4 dB loud

58.9 dB

54.8 dB


Replaceable battery

Battery life

3 years

1 year

2 years


Voice activated

Phone finder

Crowd GPS

Crowd GPS

Selfie remote

Separation altert

Only with subscription

Price (Feb. 2022)





Bluetooth range

200 feet (60m)

200 feet (60m)

164 feet (50m)

100 feet (30m)


1.9 x 1.9 x .08"

3.4 x 2.1 x .05"

1.5 x 1.5 x .28"

3.4 x 2.1 x .05

Ring volume (at 1 meter)

67.5 dB

66.1 dB

65.5 dB

67.3 dB


Replaceable battery

Battery life

2 months between charges

3 months between charges

8 months

4-6 months between charges

Voice activated

Phone finder

Crowd GPS

Selfie remote

Separation alert

Price (Feb. 2022)





How does a Bluetooth GPS wallet tracker work?

All wallet trackers pair up with your smartphone and the wallet tracker’s dedicated app. These two devices working together as a team.

With a Bluetooth wallet tracker you can:

  1. Keep tabs on your wallet so that you always know where it is.
  2. Find your wallet anywhere in the word if it is ever lost or stolen.

All but one of the wallet trackers in this post are Bluetooth trackers. This means that each tracker pairs with an app on your smartphone using a wireless Bluetooth connection.

With the Chipolo CARD 2020, it’s the Chipolo app. For the Chipolo CARD Spot 2022, it’s Apple’s Find My network. And for the Tile Slim, it’s the Tile network. The same goes with all of the other Bluetooth trackers.

Because your phone has GPS, the wallet tracker’s app and your phone work together to find a lost wallet. That’s where the term Bluetooth/GPS comes from. They are bosom buddies that are joined at the hip.

Remember: It’s your phone that has GPS capability, not the tracker.

Choose any of these trackers and even an old thread-bare wallet will be a hole lot easier to find. They have features like crowd search, bi-directional ringtones, separation alerts, and voice activation.

Top Pick: Chipolo CARD 2020

winning trophy iconUse Community Search to find your wallet anywhere in the world with the Chipolo app.


Kore Slim wallet

40% smaller than a credit card 

Pairs with your smartphone with an easy to use app. Water resistant with a loud ring. Find your wallet in your house or anywhere in the world.  

The Chipolo CARD 2020 is small and thin. Petite, you might say. It’s 40% smaller than a credit card which gives you more flexibility with where to place it.

This diminutive white tracker will disappear unseen into a credit card slot of any leather wallet and fits under the elastic band of the Ridge wallet and other similar minimalist card holders.

If you stray too far from your Chipolo, it will send you a notification to your phone that says, “Hey, did you leave your Chipolo CARD behind?” The notification usually pops up after your’e a few hundred feet way, outside of Bluetooth range.

I take a deep dive into the Chipolo CARD in this full review.

The non-replaceable battery is rated for one year. Luckily, Chipolo has a renewal program that will sell you a replacement for half price.

The diminutive size just won’t hold a larger battery, but the really small size will appeal to minimalists who think that even a credit-card-size tracker is too big.

No tracker has a ringtone that is ear-splitting, but I find the Chipolo CARD to have a ringtone that’s loud enough for me to find it anywhere in my house.

Another nice feature is that the Chipolo CARD can be shared with someone else in the Chipolo app. If you’re not around, someone else can use their phone to help find your Chipolo.

I love the way I can find my phone by double clicking my Chipolo, too. I actually use i more for this than the other way around!


  • Super small and thin, will fit anywhere
  • Separation alert and phone finder
  • Voice activation works with Google, Siri, Alexa
  • Excellent, easy-to-use set up


  • Tracker has to be replaced in one year

winning trophy iconTop Pick 2: Chipolo CARD Spot


Kore Slim wallet

Same size as a credit card

This brand new wallet tracker from Chipolo uses the Apple Find My network. Now, 200 million iPhones can help you find your lost wallet.   

In an effort to compete with Apple’s AirTag, the newly designed Chipolo CARD Spot now runs on the Apple Find My network.

It has been redesigned to be the same size as a standard credit card. This extra size has allowed enough space to increase battery life to 2 years. Though it’s still not as good as the 3 year batter life for the Tile Slim.

The Find My network vastly increases the “findability” of the Chipolo CARD Spot wallet tracker anywhere in the world. It has really put Chipolo CARD Spot on the map and moved it a step above Tile. A big-time move on Chipolo’s part.

Instead of the 5 million phones that have the Chipolo app installed, there are 200 million iPhone users (just in the U.S.!) that have Find My installed as a native part of iOS. The chances of finding a lost wallet with Find My have increased about 40 times over the Chipolo app.

Unfortunately, there is no option for the Chipolo CARD Spot to run on the Chipolo App. It only uses Apple’s Find My. If you really like the features of the Chipolo app, you’ll have to go with the original Chipolo CARD.

These are some of the features you’ll lose without the Chipolo app.

  • Selfie mode
  • Ring your phone from your tracker
  • Compatibility with Android phones
  • No voice integration with Amazon Alexa and Google Assistant

This what you’ll gain by purchasing the new Chipolo CARD Spot wallet tracker with Apple Find My.

  • A massive worldwide network of iPhone owners who use Find My.
  • A much better chance to recover a lost wallet.
  • A credit card size tracker that fits anywhere that a standard credit card will fit.

Now that the Chipolo CARD Spot is black and the size of a credit card, it looks very similar to the Tile Slim. But with the Find My network, Tile moved has moved to third place of the top three.


  • Super small and thin, will fit anywhere
  • Works exclusively with Apple Find My
  • Credit-card size but still thin


  • Lose all features of Chipolo app

Also great: Tile Slim 2020

It has the longest life non-replaceable battery and a super loud ring.

Tile Slim
  • FIND WALLETS, TABLETS & MORE -- Easily put Slim in tight spaces like your wallet, passport case or luggage tag and use our free app on iOS or Android to find them. It’s also a great gift for your friends and family.


  • non-replacement battery has incredible 3-year lifetime
  • very thin and fits in any credit card slot
  • super loud ringtone melody that’s adjustable
  • a brand name tracker that has been in the game a long time


  • separation alert feature requires premium subscription

Tile is practically a household name when it comes to Bluetooth trackers. So I was excited when the newly designed Tile Slim 2020 hit the streets in 2020. It’s now the same size as a credit card while only the thinness of 3 credit cards stacked together.

Recently, Tile introduced the next generation Tile Slim 2022. It is much the same as the original Tile Slim 2020. The main changes are a QR code on the back, slightly better range, and a $8 price increase.

What really sold me is the adjustable ring tone alert melody. In the Tile app, you can set the volume for mute, normal, or loud.

The highest setting is louder than any other wallet trackers I have tested. It won’t knock you out of your chair, but you won’t have to boost the volume in your hearing aids, either. 

With 10 million trackers in circulation, Tile has the second largest network next to Apple’s Find My that has an incredible 200 million users in the US alone! Chipolo is third with about 5 million.

What this means is that the crowd GPS search feature (Tile calls it Community Find) with a large network will have a better chance of find a lost or stolen phone than a smaller network.

Now that the Chipolo CARD Spot has tapped into the Apple Find My network, Tile has a lot of catching up to do to stay competitive.

The non-replaceable battery in the Tile Slim is rated at 3 years. That’s 3 times as long as the Chipolo CARD and a year more than the Chipolo CARD Spot.

Another drawback is that Tile tries to rope you into a paid subscription to access their out-of-range alert feature. Boo. 

I wrote a thorough comparative review of the Tile Slim (vs the Chipolo CARD) here. 

Best solar battery: Ekster Solar-powered wallet tracker

The best (and only) solar-powered tracker. It can potentially last forever.

Ekster solar tracking card
  • It’s as thin as 2 credit cards stacked together.
  • No battery to replace. Ever.


  • the only solar-powered wallet tracker
  • holds charge for 2 months after 3 hours in sun
  • voice activation works with Google, Siri, Alexa
  • uses the Chipolo app


  • I wish ringtone alert was a little louder

I may be a little biased because the Ekster solar-powered wallet tracker device is my EDC. At just 0.15” thin (the thickness of 3 credit cards), it fits perfectly into my Ekster Senate wallet.

The coolest thing though? This tracker card will slide into the credit card slot of just about any wallet. What sets it apart from all other trackers is that (hypothetically) it can last forever. There is no battery to wear out or replace.

With just 3 hours of sunlight, the Ekster solar-powered tracker will hold a charge for up to 3 months. As long as the sun shines, it will keep going, and going…

The Ekster wallet tracker is powered by the Chipolo network, so it shares the same reliable app as the Chipolo CARD. They share almost identical features, too, including crowd GPS technology and voice activation with Siri, Google Home, and Alexa.

My only complaint is that the ring tone volume is a little low for my ears. The Chipolo CARD is louder and the Tile Slim volume blows all of the wallet trackers out of the water.

But hey, the Ekster tracker is the only one that makes any wallet a trackable anti-lost wallet while tapping into the energy of the sun. Not to mention, you’ll never ever have to replace the battery.

Best with rechargeable battery: Cube Shadow

The best if you want a versatile tracker with a rechargeable battery.

Cube Shadow
  • Super thin & ideal for wallet, passport, remote control, laptop, etc.


  • thickness of 2 credit cards
  • loud ringtone alert melody
  • rechargeable battery
  • works with Alexa


  • separation mode sometimes has false positives
  • small crowd search network

The Cube Shadow is the thinnest wallet tracker in the Cube tracker lineup. At barely the thickness of two credit cards, it will fit into most wallet slots like a bug in a rug. Pair it with your smartphone via the Cube Tracker app, and you’ll unleash the power of this versatile Bluetooth tracker.

Press FIND on your phone to make your cube play a 101-decibel loud melody from as far as 200 feet away. If you misplace your phone, just click your Cube Shadow to get your phone to play its own tune.

Cube says that it is waterproof, but I would take that with a grain of salt. Some owner reviews had some sad soggy stories. The battery is rechargeable (I love this feature) and the tracker ships with a magnet charge cable.

The Cube Shadow has a community search feature that kicks in if you lose your phone. When the phone of a Cube community member comes in proximity of your lost tracker, you will receive an automatic (and anonymous) notification on your phone with its current location. Cool.

Best thin design: Innway Wallet tracker

This is a good choice if you want the thinnest wallet tracker of them all.

Innway Wallet Tracker
  • THIN AND DURABLE - The Innway Card is 1.5 mm thin, making it easy to fit in your wallet, purse, or laptop and tablet case. Yet, it is thick enough to be durable.


  • incredibly thin, only 1.5mm
  • rechargeable battery
  • separation alerts have do not disturb settings
  • ring your tracker, ring your phone


  • does not have a crowd search network
  • ring volume could be louder

The Innnway wallet tracker is the thinnest of all the tracker devices in this post at just 1.5mm. It has the same dimensions as a credit card which means it will fit cleanly in just about any style of wallet. A rechargeable battery lasts from 2 – 5 months after a super quick two-hour charge.

I’m amazed they can make a battery this thin! Of course, it also does what most other trackers do, too. If you’re within 100 feet, you can ring your tracker from your phone, or vice versa. 

It also has a camera trigger so that you can take a selfie from your phone without touching your phone. If you leave your tracker behind, the Innway app will remind you of your forgetfulness.

Unfortunately, it is lacking a crowd search feature. The app will show you the last known location of your wallet, but that’s about it. Most owner reviews give the card high marks for its reliability and ease of use, but some complain about the low volume of the ringer. 

Best versatility: Nutale Nut Find3 tracker

A good choice if you have more things to find than just your wallet.

No products found.


  • replaceable battery
  • bi-directional alarm: find your tracker, find your phone
  • anti-loss separation alert
  • comes in set of 4


  • over a quarter inch thick
  • some owners have had Bluetooth connection problems

The Nut Find3 tracker gets my vote for the funniest video ad. Beyond the hilarity, though, it has out of range alerts, last known location, and the Nutale community search network. Everything you need in a tracker.

The Nut Find3 is unique because both your phone and the tracker will beep when your phone and tracker lose communication. Most trackers just send a notification to your phone. Of course, like most high-quality Bluetooth trackers, you can ring you phone from your Nut Find3. 

It’s not the thinnest tracker. In fact, it’s the thickest of all the wallet trackers in this post. But it makes up for the extra girth with a 1.5-inch square footprint that also makes it the second smallest. All in all, it probably fits better in a more traditional bifold wallet.

The Nut Find3 comes in a 4-pack, so you can spread the love to a couple of sets of car keys and your wife’s purse. The app is versatile and most owner reviews have nothing but good things to say about the Nutale tracker and app.

Best for keys: NJoiii tracker

A great choice if you want a small tracker to track your wallet or track just about anything else.

Njoiii Tracker
  • Super thin & ideal for wallet, passport, remote control, laptop, etc.


  • the smallest tracker on this list
  • the iTrackeasy app uses either Apple or Google maps
  • uses a replaceable battery


  • doesn’t have voice activation
  • the second thickest tracker on this list

The Njoiii tracker is about the same size as the Nut Find3, but with a name that’s a lot harder to pronounce. It uses the iTrackEasy app and Bluetooth to pair with your phone.

You can see your tracker’s last known position with either Apple or Google maps, then use the app to ring your Njoiii tracker with a loud 98dB ring. If you think you left your phone somewhere 20 miles away, mark it as lost and use the wireless Njoiii community search network to help track it down.

It also has a separation alert that warns you when you leave your tracker behind. And If this feature bugs you? You can turn it off. You know where your tracker is but you can’t find your phone? Use the tracker to ring your phone, even if it is on silent.

Like the Nut Find3, this Njoiii is a little thicker than the ultra-thin Ekster, Tile, Chipolo, Cube, and Innway. But that extra pudginess allows extra room for a replaceable battery plus a nice opening in one corner to attach it to your keys or connect to a backpack. 

*Bonus tracker: The Esky Key Finder

This is the best low-tech tracker. It doesn’t require an app or a smartphone.

Esky Key Finder
  • 【Portable Design】: With only 0.18 inches thick, these 6 receivers can be attached to keys, TV remote controllers, mobile phones, wallets, pets, luggage and more.


  • no smartphone required
  • simple and easy to learn low-tech design
  • replaceable batteries
  • uses RF frequencies rather than Bluetooth


  • can only be used for locating objects in your home
  • short range of only 82 feet

And now for something completely different… The Esky Key Finder is not a Bluetooth tracker and it doesn’t require a smartphone to work. Instead, it uses a color-coded remote that makes each color-matched tracker sing like a canary.

The Esky tracker isn’t sold specifically as a wallet tracker, but there’s no law against using it that way! In fact, you can use them to track your wallet, your keys, and your kids. 

As long as you don’t lose the remote, this is a really simple low tech system to buy. The hardest thing is remembering which color tracker you put in your wallet and which one you put on your cat’s collar. One owner created a table that matched colors to the objects he tagged. Then he taped it to the back of the remote. Good thinking.

The batteries are replaceable and they’re a standard size (CR2032) that you can find anywhere. The ring tone is loud enough that one owner said he could hear the tracker he put inside the wallet even when muffled inside a suitcase. Yeah, that’s loud. 

Want to follow some more tracks to more trackers? Check out 11 Wallets with GPS tracking in 2020. Many of these wallets in this post have trackers built-in.

Kim is an expert in innovative wallets and MagSafe accessories. He has reviewed close to 100 different wallets and has over 750,000 video views on his Wallet Surfer YouTube channel. If you want to send Kim a quick message, then visit his contact page.

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