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What Makes One Wallet Smarter than other?

Kim holding 3 smart wallets

An innovative wallet has technical or design enhancements that go beyond the plain old leather billfold. It might block unauthorized RFID scans, contain a tracking device, have a built-in mechanism to eject credit cards, or made to be practically indestructible. A wallet can be called innovative because of its minimalist size. …

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7 Indestructible Wallets That Might Outlast You

ridge wallet in the palm of a hand

In this post, I review 7 indestructible smart wallets that are as rugged as tanks and built for the long haul. Some of them are made of metal or leather, but a few others are constructed from fabric so tough that Arnold Schwarzenegger (in his younger years) couldn’t tear it …

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6 Metal Wallets with Elastic Bands

Aluminum Ridge wallet

These minimalist metal card holder wallets all use elastic bands or straps to securely hold up to 20 cards and small amounts of currency, too. Finding a good metal and elastic wallet can be a difficult feat. What’s a body to do? To help you make an informed choice, I’ve …

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