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Ekster AirTag Wallets – Hard to Lose, So Easy to Find

Ekster AirTag wallets and AirTags

Ekster makes two different AirTag wallets that are also pop-up, slide wallets. Ekster AirTag Wallet Ekster AirTag Cardholder They both use a solid aircraft aluminum-grade case that holds up to 6 cards which eject into a perfect fan. A quick push of the slider button at the bottom and your …

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Smart and Trackable Wallets With AirTag You’ll Never Lose

Since it’s release in 2021, the AirTag has become a must-have item for tracking anything worth tracking. It uses the Find My app that’s native to all iOS and MacOS devices and accurately tracks down anything the AirTag is attached to.  The problem with using it to track wallets is that the …

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7 Best AirTag Wallets for 2022 – Slim, Smart, and Trackable

7 best airtag wallets

In this post about the best AirTag wallets, I only recommend name brand AirTag wallets from companies that have a proven track records for quality and innovative design. There are no cheap knock-offs from unknown manufacturers on this list.  Aviator and Ridge created their AirTag wallets by modifying existing wallets …

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Ekster Parliament Review – All You Need to Know

Parliament wallet types all together

Ekster calls the Parliament their flagship wallet because it’s the wallet that started it all. The Parliament hit the market in 2017, followed quickly by the more minimalist Ekster Senate cardholder.  Today, with four Ekster Parliament variations (five counting the AirTag Wallet) competing for your attention, the original Parliament is …

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