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10 Well-Made Wallets with a Lifetime Warranty

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Most wallets have a one year warranty. Bellroy triples this with a 3-year warranty. All of the wallets in this post are backed by lifetime warranties. I’m sure there are more wallets out there with a lifetime warranty, but I feel pretty good about recommending the 9 on this list. …

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9 Rigid Wallets as Tough as the Ridge Wallet

Dango D01 Dapper wallet

The Ridge is a tough wallet, no doubt about it. It has your choice of aluminum, carbon fiber, or titanium plates that sandwich up to 12 cards between them. But there are plenty more rigid wallets that give it a serious run for its money. In this post, I quickly …

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7 Innovative Wallets That Don’t Bend Credit Cards

Ridge cardholder wallet with fanned cards

All of the wallets on this list protect your cards from bending and breaking by holding them in rigid cases that are either made from aluminum, stainless steel, or durable plastic. They do this using progressive designs that also help you organize and access your cards in new ways. You’ll …

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7 Wallets that Keep Credit Cards Safe from RFID Skimming

Secrid Slim held in hand

Credit card companies are now beginning to issue contactless-type cards (also known as tap-and-go cards) that use RFID and NFC wireless technologies. Instead of inserting your card into a credit card terminal, you just have to wave it nearby.  When you do, the terminal powers up the electronic chip in …

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