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7 Wallets Made From Recycled Materials

Finding an eco-friendly wallet made from recycled materials used to be difficult. Now, with so many choices, the only difficult part is choosing the best one.

Small and large wallet companies alike are salvaging materials before they get to the landfill and upcycling them into wallets that will absolutely blow your mind.

Are you looking for a wallet that has literally saved buildings from burning down? We’ve got you covered. Do you want something that is recycled but doesn’t look recycled? Great news, you’ll find it on this list.

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1. Top Pick: Ekster Parliament Wallet

Ekster Parliament wallet front
It’s really hard to tell that this is vegan leather instead of the real thing.

For the ultimate wallet experience, the Ekster Parliament Recycled wallet will suit even the pickiest tastes. Even though it is made from recycled car windshields, you would never guess by the look and feel of this classy little cardholder.

By combining their sleek vegan leather with a quick card access system, the Ekster Parliament will make you feel like you’re in a bond film. (Though I’m still not sure if it’s more well-suited for the agent himself or one of the devious villains he faces.)


This pop-up wallet will eject up to 6 cards into a perfect fan from an RFID-protected aluminum case. Choose the one you want, then push the cards safely back inside, ready for next time you have to fuel up your Aston Martin.

Ekster Parliament with solar tracker
The Recycled Parliament is ready and waiting for the Ekster Solar wallet tracker. Make your wallet unlosable.

You can make the Parliament unlosable, too, with the addition of the Ekster solar tracking card. This credit card size tracker fits neatly into the Parliament’s back pocket.

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2. Flowfold Vanguard

It’s full speed ahead with this bifold wallet made from recycled sailcloth and backed with a lifetime warranty.

Flowfold Vanguard 2 with logo
This is one of the thinnest bifold wallets you will ever carry.

Do you find yourself dreaming of long days out at sea? Are you too poor to own a boat but have enough spare change to buy a totally awesome wallet made from recycled sailcloth? Good news, the Flowfold Vanguard is perfect for you.

Crafted from recycled sailcloth fabric, this classic bifold comes in all kinds of fun colors, ranging from traditional black to a downright alarming shade of blue. It was made for the outdoors with a surprisingly rugged design and a unique ability to float in water.

Flowfold Vanguard open with logo
There are two transparent ID windows with another set of card slots behind them. Bills go in the cash slot.

It’s perfect for lazy days on the beach, intense backpacking trips, or a mosquito-infested Amazon River trip. There are two hidden card pockets, two ID windows, and room for cash. And should it ever fail you, a lifetime warranty will make you whole again.

As an added bonus, you can easily make your money back by betting your friends can’t guess what your wallet is made of.

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3. Recycled Firefighter “Fire hose Rookie”

Outside of carbon fiber or titanium, this may be the toughest wallet you’ll ever own.

Recycled Firefighter Fire House Rookie wallet closed
The firehose used in this wallet is so stiff and tough that it will take you a few days to break it in.

Some wallets just have a certain fire about them. This one, however, brings a respectable degree of fire resistance.

With recycled fire hose at its core, the Firehouse Rookie wallet repurposes a material that participated in an exceptionally fulfilling career. You might never get the chance to save a life, but at least you can own a wallet that did.

Recycled Firefighter Fire House Rookie wallet open
Thick full grain leather is sewn inside the firehose for cards. There’s an elastic strap in back for cash.

This honest-to-god fire hose is repurposed into a slim bifold wallet with T-90 thread, heavy nylon, and full-grain leather. It will hold up to eight cards without bulking up your pocket and is designed (and guaranteed) to last a lifetime. People will marvel at this thing when you pull it out, so be prepared to give them the whole story.

It’s made in the U.S.A., and from the moment you touch it, you will feel a little cooler than you did before.

4. Couch 80’s Mercedes Wallet

Straight from the seats of a vintage Mercedes, this wallet has a story to tell.

Couch 80s Mercedes vegan wallet

Sometimes you just want a taste of luxury but aren’t making luxury-level money just yet. With this recycled wallet, you can enjoy a bit of German engineering at an affordable price.

Crafted from vintage Mercedes Benz MB-Tex Vinyl—the very same material used to upholstery their cars in the 70’s and 80’s—the Couch 80s Mercedes will hold up to 10 cards. A snap closure rounds out the slim design and classic vegan leather appearance.

Interior of Mercedes
Nice ride. Notice that the wallet pattern matches the seats. This wallet is the real deal.

As far as vegan leather options go, this wallet as smooth, polished, with proven durability. Holding it in your hands is like the feel of the original Mercedes bucket seat on your backside. Oooh, can you feel it?

It’s a blast from the past and a conversation starter if there ever was one. Buckle up.

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5. Off Chutes Men’s Wallet

Super strong and ultra light, this colorful wallet is made from the recycled fabric of a paraglider.

Off Chutes Men's wallet closed
It’s almost as light as the paraglider fabric it comes from.

Eco-friendly does not have to mean docile, and this wallet proves it. Created from recycled paraglider fabric, this is one high-flying wallet that is perfect for your favorite outdoor enthusiast.

Even though the fabric might not be ideal for another flight, it is perfect for keeping your wallet and ID on hand. With its ability to hold six credit cards in such a strong yet light bifold design, this wallet is just plain fun.

Off Chutes Men's wallet open
There’s room for 12 cards and and enough cash to tip the bartender at your local watering hole.

The bright whacky colors make it easy to find amidst the clutter on your dresser. It’s so light and thin, you might want to throw it up in the air just to see if it still has some of that old spark.

The good news is that it is durable enough to survive even the most harrowing crash landings, so you can have your fun and keep your cards safe too!

6. Green Guru Upcycled ID wallet

Let no inner tube go to waste when it can be fashioned into a cool minimalist card holder wallet.

Green Guru ID wallet
No pretentiousness here. This wallet is proud to be made from recycled inner tubes.

The Green Guru ID card is a wallet that was made for a no-nonsense person who just wants to bring the essentials along. This one-of-a-kind wallet is crafted from recycled bicycle inner tubes and has an almost freakish ability to return to its original size when emptied.

Whether you buy it for your favorite mountain biker or your economically conscious pal who only carries his ID, debit card, and that one unused credit card, this wallet keeps it simple. Flash your ID at the bar, pull out your credit card, then tuck everything back into your front pocket. It’s so slim, you’ll forget it’s there.

Green Guru ID wallet with card in transparent window
There’s a transparent ID slot on the back for a driver’s license, ID, or anything else.

It holds just enough to be functional but doesn’t leave you suddenly accepting reward cards from the local ice cream shop just to fill it. The Green Guru is handmade in Colorado, USA and they promise: no blowouts.

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7. Haiku RFID Blocking Kismet Wallet

It’s a thing of beauty made from the plastic bottle you tossed into the recycling bin.

Haiku Kismet wallet
With this timelessly elegant style, who would guess the Haiku Kismet is made from recycled plastic bottles?

I’m going to be honest with you. Women are absolutely crazy for this wallet. With its ‘totally cute’ design and easy magnetic snap, it is an instant crowd pleaser.

It’s available in two colors, one that is perfectly casual and another that is a little more business-friendly. You would never guess that this wallet is the recycled product of CyclePET, a fabric made from post-consumer beverage bottles.

Haiku Kismet wallet open
I really like the magnetic snap closure and the zippered coin pocket on the outside.

With three RFID blocking card slots and one ID holder that offers a window for easy access, this is one eco-friendly wallet that women will love. It’s small, cute, and perfect for those quick trips to the beach or a nice concert.

More importantly, every single wallet keeps two bottles from being sent to landfills, making it a recycled purchase that really lets you see your impact in real-time.