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Want to Buy a Quality Secrid Wallet? Get a Better Experience on Amazon

In my experience, you almost always get better selection of products when you buy directly from a manufacturer’s website rather than buying from Amazon. However, with Secrid, their selection on Amazon is nearly as good as their website. 

And if you have Amazon Prime, the shipping is free and the delivery is lightning fast. 

The problem with the Secrid.com website is that they don’t allow you to review your order after you put in your payment information. It’s super easy to buy before you are ready.

Secrid wallets are made in Holland and shipped from Holland

To Secrid’s credit, they design and manufacture all of their wallets in Holland. None of their products are outsourced to India, China, or anywhere else. They use high-quality, full grain leather and a proven card ejection mechanism to eject up to 6 cards.

They ship from U.S. address with a 2 -5 working day shipping time. That’s not bad, really. 

Aviator wallets, by comparison, are made in Germany and also shipped from Germany. I’ve waited up to 2 weeks for my Aviator wallets to arrive. Not exactly instant gratification. 

Secrid will ship any orders over $45 for free. Anything below that amount is a flat $10. Since practically nothing in their inventory costs less than about $50, you can count on free shipping for just about everything.

If you have Amazon Prime, you’ll get your Secrid wallet in a few days with free shipping. As I said, the selection of Secrid wallets on Amazon is really impressive.

Secrid ordering process needs improved

What I really don’t like about their website is that it doesn’t give you the opportunity to review your order like you can on Amazon and just about every other commerce website in existence. 

We all know the drill. You place a product in your cart, fill out your address, and enter your payment information. You press enter or continue, and a review screen pops up so you can verify that everything is correct. 

There is no review screen

However, with Secrid, when you click CONTINUE PAYMENT after filling our your payment info, it completes the sale. There is no opportunity to do a last review of your purchase. 

The problem is that the button doesn’t say PURCHASE. It says CONTINUE PAYMENT, which leads you to believe that there will be another screen. But no. When you click continue, it completes the sale. 

Not cool. This has happened to me not once but twice.

Their website needs work

I also found that I had to clear my cookies on the website to make a second purchase. Every time I clicked PLACE IN BAG, it gave me an error message to “Try again.”

So I had to go into my Chrome browser, clear cookies, refresh the page, and only then would it let me add a wallet to my bag.

Again, not cool. They need to work on that.

Go with Amazon for choosing your Secrid wallet

With everything I just described above, your most streamlined shopping experience is going to be with Amazon. 

Compared to most wallet manufacturers (that also have their own dedicated company website for their products), Secrid has a huge variety of wallets on Amazon, often at discounted prices. 

But strangely, they don’t have a dedicated Amazon store for Secrid wallets. Again, this is a departure from the norm. 

For instance, Ekster (Secrid’s most earnest competitor), Bellroy, and Ridge wallets have their own store within Amazon where you can search for wallets in a similar way as a dedicated website. 

But for some reason, Secrid only lists their wallets randomly on Amazon. You can search Amazon for the Secrid Slimwallet or Miniwallet, but there are no categories or product tabs that an Amazon store will give you to fine tune your search. 

Obviously, Secrid has made their own decisions about how they want to run their business. But this is the bottom line:

You’re going to get a decent selection of Secrid wallets (often with some discounted prices), a cleaner buying experience, plus super fast shipping with Amazon Prime if you order through Amazon.