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What is a Tactical Wallet?

Tactical wallets can do everything from supplying a bit of convenience (such as a bottle opener)to potentially saving your bacon in a survival situation. I’m a big fan, but most people don’t know very much about them. Which is why you’re here, right?

The Tactical Difference

So, what exactly makes a wallet tactical? Well, as hinted before, it’s partially in the extra stuff that comes along with it. Tactical wallets have to offer more than mere space to hold cash and cards. They have to provide additional functionality, give you something that gives the figurative (or literal, I don’t know your life) battlefield advantage.

As eloquently explained by the good folks at The Coolist, “When a wallet ceases to be a mere holder of money and turns into a weapon, a tool, or a mechanism for saving your life or the life of another, then it can be thought to be truly tactical.”

Typically, these wallets will include helpful tools that could be beneficial in a survivalist context. Built-in knives, lighters, flashlights, multi-tools with rope tensioners, wrenches, seatbelt cutters, and more are all extremely common offerings. This is why there are so many tactical wallets for outdoorsmen.

They’re essentially made with home fix-it, combat, and life-and-death situations in mind, able to give you at least a slight advantage in whatever you might come up against.

Tactical Gone Daily

Of course, most of us won’t ever find ourselves in situations so dire, but that doesn’t mean we should disregard tactical wallets altogether. After all, they also happen to excellent for anyone lazy, forgetful, or generally underprepared for certain situations.

Need a screwdriver to fix something? Can’t find your old ruler anywhere? Don’t want to get off your ass to open up your beer? Just about any tactical wallet will have what you need either built-in or in a multitool – even a typically unnecessary bottle opener.

Do you truly need all of this? No, probably not. I mean, how many people need their Hummers or Land Rovers to climb out of bouldery canyons and cross raging rivers to get to Starbucks? It’s a short list.

But is a tactical wallet or high clearance Land Cruiser exceptionally handy when the moment calls for it? Absolutely.

Tactical wallets are more than just the fancy tools that accompany them, though. They’ve also got everything you could want in an everyday carry. They both have the same card-carrying capacities as other options, slim, lightweight, modern designs, and durability that ensures they’ll last for years to come.

Trayvax’s Original 2.0 Wallet and Dango’s T01 are both ideal examples of this, coming with tons of multitools while also featuring steel bodies that won’t bend, break, scratch, or corrode easily, handsome aesthetics, and plenty of space for up to 15 and 12 cards respectively. What more could you ask for from a wallet?

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