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5 Fabricated Carbon Fiber Wallets Made Like a Lamborghini

In this post, I recommend 5 minimalist smart wallets that are made of the same forged carbon fiber composite that Lamborghini incorporates into its supercars.

I also explain how both 3K (the most common type of carbon fiber) and forged carbon fiber are made, plus some of the differences between them.

Want to skip the technical stuff and jump straight to the wallets? Just tap on one of the wallets in the Table of Contents below.

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1. My Top Pick: ROSSM Forged Carbon

Good looking and well made, there’s a lot of value packed into this forged carbon card holder.

Rossm forged carbon fiber card holder wallet

The Ridge might have the most brand-recognition, but that doesn’t mean it’s the only carbon fiber wallet out there. In fact, the industry-leader has some stiff competition these days, and the ROSSM forged carbon card holder is at the top of the list. The forged carbon material is just as luxurious, super stiff and protective without all the bulk you might expect, but it’s at a much lower price.

Worried about it cutting corners? Don’t bother, because it’s still RFID-blocking, perfectly front pocket-sized, and able to carry up to 12 cards and 10 bills. ROSSM’s offering is also gorgeous to look at, as sleek and svelt as a good Lambo.

2. The Ridge Wallet

Ridge forged carbon card holder wallet

If you’re as cynical as so many of us find ourselves today, the idea of finding any “old faithful” seems suspect. After all, it seems like everything was carefully made with planned obsolescence in mind. The Ridge, on the other hand, is different.

Made from matte-finish forged carbon and coming with all the bells and whistles like cash strap, money clip, and plenty of card space, it makes for a wallet you’ll be using several years now. The Ridge’s carbon material also does a great job blocking RFID, ensuring Friday’s rapidly dwindling bank account balance isn’t further compromised – by others, at least.

3. Pur Carbon forged carbon fiber

Pur carbon forged carbon card holder wallet

As unfair as it is, hyper-car owners get a lot of the fun. They get the best of the best – quality that those of us not in the top 1% very rarely (if ever) have access to. The Pur Carbon Wallet seeks to give at least a taste, crafted from the exact same material as the cars that cost more than your college tuition. Although, it is a touch more useful in the long run.

It can carry 15 cards plus cash and all in a sleek, beautiful, resilient package. That makes it an ideal everyday carry you can happily show off.

4. Turbo Forged Carbon Fiber

Turbo forged carbon wallet

Need a wallet that really reminiscent of the sexiest cars money can buy? You’ve probably found a match made in heaven with the Turbo Carbon Fiber. Aesthetically, it keeps all the free-flowing lines and slightly glossy finish, but it’s more than skin deep.

The material is also mostly the same, easily able to be used and abused without bending, breaking, or scratching. It just keeps going. On the off chance it doesn’t, though, this wallet takes another cue from its inspiration with an awesome warranty – except this one is a lifetime guarantee. How’s that for service?

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5. Grid Forged Carbon Fiber Wallet

Grid forged carbon card holder wallet

Forged carbon is an amazing material: light, thin, and decidedly unbulky. It was made for cars (literally), but it happens to suit wallets just as well and it looks particularly good on the Grid Forged Carbon Fiber Wallet. The composite mix is played up rather than down, giving it an eye-catching design and it’s complemented nicely by its sharp angles and oversized screws.

What about the actual function? It doesn’t disappoint there either, holding up to 12 cards with a thick elastic strap that will keep your hard-earned cash where it belongs. Worried about planned obsolescence? Don’t be. It also comes with a lifetime warranty.

What is Carbon Fiber?

Nowadays, carbon fiber is available in practically everything from wallets to golf clubs, bicycle frames, and yes, the mighty Lambo. But what exactly is it? Well, carbon fiber is a crystalline filament that’s spooled into yarn and heated at extremely high temperatures in a process known as “carbonization.”

Through this, these rather flimsy, delicate strands essentially have all the non-carbon elements thrown off, leaving tightly interwoven chains of carbon it their place.

There are two basic kinds of carbon fiber. The most common for wallets is 3K carbon fiber which is made from a carbon fiber fabric impregnated with epoxy resin. The other is forged carbon fiber which uses random carbon fibers that are infused with resin under compression.

roll of 3K carbon fiber
3K carbon fiber fabric with a twill weave. Photo: Simmondstore
roll forged carbon fiber chopped2 Ulticarbon on Etsy
Roll of chopped carbon fiber ready to make forged carbon fiber. Photo: Ulticarbon

While 3K is by far the most common, forged carbon is an up and comer because of its development and use by Callaway golf clubs and Lamborghini.

Did your eyes glaze over? That’s okay. What really matters is that it means you’re left with an extremely strong, durable material that’s 5 times stronger than steel and only a third of its weight. You can shape the stuff into just about anything, and have it instantly be something quality and long lasting.

Sava carbon fiber road bicycle
Sava road bike with a carbon fiber frame, front fork, and seat post.

But there’s a catch, because, well, there’s always a catch. Making carbon fiber is expensive, since precision is required at every single step. That’s partly why the price of the Lamborghini Huracan Evo starts at $264,969.

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3K vs Forged Composite Carbon Fiber

There are more similarities between 3K carbon fiber and forged carbon fiber than there are differences. Like eggs ordered scrambled or sunny side up, the materials are similar but the end product is substantially different.

3K carbon fiber is by far the most common type used in wallets. It’s made from 3,000 strands of hair-like carbon filaments twisted together like yarn to form what’s called a “tow.” From here, the tow is woven into a fabric with different weave patterns such as unidirectional, plain, or twill.

Forged and regular carbon fiber Ulticarbon on Etsy
3K Carbon fiber and forged carbon fiber (right) compared. Photo: Ulticarbon

Each of these different weaves give the finished carbon fiber sheet different strength characteristics and visibly unique patterns. The fabric is then infused with resin to form the finished product.

Forged composite carbon fiber is the ultra-high-end, luxe answer to the material. Under development by the makers of Lamborghini since 2008 to further resist damage or fatigue and increase adaptability, forged composite is made by combining random carbon fibers into a sort of paste rather than sheet. From there, it’s mixed with resin and compressed.

Visually, it’s super easy to tell them apart. 3K carbon fiber has a definite repeating pattern while forged carbon fiber always has a random marbled appearance.

What is carbon fiber?

Carbon fiber consists of very thin filaments of carbon atoms that are bound together with a plastic polymer resin. Carbon fiber is rigid with high tensile strength while remaining very lightweight. Its strength depends on the weave and density of the carbon fibers.