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9 Rigid Wallets as Tough as the Ridge Wallet

The Ridge is a tough wallet, no doubt about it. It has your choice of aluminum, carbon fiber, or titanium plates that sandwich up to 12 cards between them. But there are plenty more rigid wallets that give it a serious run for its money.

In this post, I quickly review ten of the best rigid wallets that protect your cards from bending or breaking. All of them also guard your cards from potential RFID skimming. And they’re really “intelligent” in other ways, too.

winning trophy iconBEST: Aviator Slide

With a pull tab for cards and fine German engineering, the Aviator is clearly the best.

Aviator Slide general aspect shot
The Aviator Slide keeps up to 20 cards from bending or breaking. There’s a money clip for cash, too. Photo: Kim Stone

In my opinion, every wallet should have a pull tab! That’s one of the main reasons that I prefer the Aviator Slide over the Ridge. With a quick pull, all of your cards eject instantly.

The Aviator also shares the same lifetime guarantee as the Ridge. Even better, it is designed and made entirely in Germany. (The Ridge is made in China.)

The Aviator a modular wallet, too, which means you can customize your wallet to your liking directly from the factory. Outside aluminum plates keep your cards from bending and provide RFID protection.

A felt-lined coin tray holds a few coins, a money strap holds cash, and there’s even a thumb slot if your prefer to push your cards out the old fashioned way.

aviator wallet with coin tray out
The Aviator coin tray is a handy feature for coins, keys, or guitar pick. Photo: Kim Stone

ALSO GREAT: Dango D01 Dapper

I love all of the wallets on this list, but this one is pretty special.

Dango D01 Dapper showing lanyard and arrow pointing towards bottle opener
The Dango D01 Dapper comes with a detachable paracord lanyard. And my favorite feature, an integrated bottle opener. Photo: Kim Stone

Equal parts rugged, sophisticated, masculine, and undeniably dapper, the Dango D01 Dapper is the perfect everyday carry for both form and function. Much like the Ridge, it can carry around 12 cards or so plus a few bills while offering reliable RFID protection and an ultra-slim profile perfect for your front pocket.

However, Dango’s wallet might just have the upper hand when it comes to durability thanks to its tough top grain leather, mil-spec bolts, and aerospace-grade aluminum chassis. Either way, know you won’t have to worry about this rigid metal and leaather wallet falling apart for years to come.

Dango D01 Dapper showing leather pocket and red silicone band.
The opposite side has a top-grain leather pocket for cards that don’t need RFID protection. The red silicone band holds cash, receipts, or a transit pass. Photo: Kim Stone

ROSSM Carbon Fiber

This is closest you’ll ever get to the Ridge without buying the Ridge.

Rossm forged carbon fiber wallet
The Rossm is made with matte forged carbon fiber. Pound for pound, carbon fiber is 5 times stronger than steel. Photo: Kim Stone

ROSSM may not be an instantly recognizable name, but they are one of the best names out there if you’re looking for a wallet that will neither break apart or break the bank.

It’s got all the necessary ingredients to a great Ridge alternative here: lightweight but tough carbon fiber construction, stretch-resistant elastic, and a money clip that won’t be out of commission anytime soon. 

Perhaps even better, though, is the ROSSM forged carbon wallet offers all this, replacement screws, and even a full maintenance kit for under $30. What a steal, right? We think so.

Everything inside the Rossm is RFID protected. Your gym pass, hotel card, or tap-and-go credit card will work perfectly if you place them under the cash strap. Photo: Kim Stone

Rugged Materials Ranger

An all steel body makes this wallet the toughest of all.

Rugged Materials Ranger minimalist card holder wallet
Hard cold steel defines this wallet. It is unapologetically heavy with a powder-coated finish that will never rust or corrode. Heck, in a pinch, you could use it as a weapon. Photo: Kim Stone

Not all brands (budget or not) are created equal. Some might be aiming for the strength of the Ridge wallet, but many fall short because they half-ass it. Make no mistake, Rugged Materials is not one of these brands. Instead of trying to directly translate it, they do their own thing with the Ranger, but still keep things sleek, modern and just what you need.

This cardholder has a rigid, corrosion-resistant body, leather lining, and super rugged money strap that can face even the harshest conditions as well as 12 built-in tools and a lifetime guarantee for your convenience.

Rugged Materials Ranger card holder wallet with cards pushed out of wallet
This steel-bodied wallet is built like a brick sh_thouse. When you’re ready just push your cards out from the bottom. Photo: Kim Stone

5. ACM Credit Card Holder Wallet

The cards in this wallet never touch each other. They’re in their own separate channels.

ACM general aspect
The ACM has a brushed aluminum look. Photo: Kim Stone

Despite being a bit of a weird (read: unique) option when stacked against everything else here, the ACM Wallet Credit Card Holder is one of the best rigid metal wallet options out there if you need something beyond tough and durable.

This thing could probably survive a zombie apocalypse because of its polycarbonate shell, stainless steel springs/screws, and two-part process chrome and industrial-grade rubberized polymer coatings. We hope we never need to test it, but we’re pretty certain this wallet could handle it.

ACM wallet with red card that has extra pad buttons
Use the rubber labels so you know exactly which card to choose with the push of a button. Each card rides in its own channel so the cards never scratch because they never touch each other. Photo: Kim Stone

6. Flipside 4

The clamshell design is a little bulky, but it keeps your cards super safe.

Flipside 4 wallet
Your cards, cash, keys, and winning lottery tickets are locked up securely when the case of the Flipside 4 is closed. Photo: Kim Stone

Are you one of those who’d like to see a durable wallet do things a little differently? If so, you’re in luck with the Flipside 4. This offering from Flipside switches things up. Instead of sandwiching your cards together or functioning as a box to just slide things in, this wallet actually functions as an enclosed case.

Just open up the snap closure and pile in all your cards plus cash and rest easy. Everything is contained safe inside and everything will stay extra well-protected thanks to a heavy-duty polycarbonate and aircraft-grade aluminum construction that’s both crushproof and water-resistant.

Flipside 4 open
Space inside for cash, coins, and cards. And it’s all RFID protected. Photo: Kim Stone

7. Ogon Big Stockholm

Ogon wallet closed
Made in France, the Ogon Big Stockholm is constructed from RFID-blocking
. Groovy surfboard not included. Photo: Kim Stone

Sorry to Flipside, but they’re not the only ones making a rugged, durable case-style wallet. Ogon has also been doing that for years with the Big Stockholm, one of their most popular and well-developed wallets to date.

Unlike the Flipside 4, this wallet focuses a little more on slimness with a 9.3 x 11.7 cm x 1.9 cm body that just feels good to carry and with a more minimalistic but modern design. It’s not just all looks, though. It’s also made of ultra-tough carbon and aluminum, so you know it’ll stand the test of time.

Ogon wallet open displaying cards inside
As you can see, there is oodles of space for cards, transit passes, building entry cards, and other necessary clutter that you just can’t leave the house without. All in their own little accordion pocket. Photo: Kim Stone

8. Pelican Micro Sport Wallet

Pelican sport wallet closed
Pelican makes HUGE shipping cases for industrial purposes, so they know how to create a tight-fitting case for your cash and cards. Photo: Kim Stone

Where other options on this list have opted for sleeker, dashing designs, Pelican instead hones in on a more utilitarian, sporty design that elevates function above all else.

This thing is a bit of a beast with a card case constructed of rigid crushproof, water-resistant, and dust-resistant polycarbonate that fits in great with any rough and ready lifestyle. Whether you’re always ready for a hike, a day on the river, or something else entirely, the Pelican Micro Sport wallet has your back.

Pelican sport wallet open with cards
It’s nice and compact and easily organized. Plus, it’s dust and water-resistant. Don’t take it scuba diving, but the contents should stay high and dry if you quickly extract it from the toilet. Photo: Kim Stone

9. Shevrov SV Carbon Fiber

Shevrov SV minimalist card holder with cards inside
The Shevrov SV card holder is as close as you’re going to get to the Ridge Carbon Fiber without forking out $125 for the original. The Shevrov SV is less than $30. Photo: Kim Stone

Want tactical toughness and an aesthetic that will always look good? The Shevrov SV carbon fiber card holder is likely to blow you away. Similar to the Ridge and its other direct competitors, this tactical wallet is made from 2 plates of carbon fiber with two inner aluminum plates that create a body that’s built to last.

It also utilizes gunmetal money clip and anti-stretch elastic webbing that will keep your cards where they belong: in your wallet and not scattered around the floor. A convenient thumb cutout, RFID protection, and 12-card capacity are also featured to make this your favorite daily cardholder.

Shevrov SV card holder wallet with 6 cards pushed out from the notch.
The Shevrov is an RFID-blocking beast with carbon fiber plates on the outside and aluminum plates on the inside. I like to carry about 6 cards in my Shevrov. Push them out from the D-shaped notch and choose the one you want. Photo: Kim Stone

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