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7 Wallets that Keep Credit Cards Safe from RFID Skimming

Secrid Slim held in hand

Credit card companies are now beginning to issue contactless-type cards (also known as tap-and-go cards) that use RFID and NFC wireless technologies. Instead of inserting your card into a credit card terminal, you just have to wave it nearby.  When you do, the terminal powers up the electronic chip in …

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6 Awesome RFID Wallets with a Zipper

Bellroy Card pocket zipper wallet

These zip-around wallets with RFID protection give you the opportunity to zip up, zip down, and zip all around. Like a cozy sleeping bag on a cold, clear night, a zippered wallet makes you feel comfortable and secure to know that everything inside is going to stay inside.  The wallets …

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7 High Capacity Wallets with Lots of Card Slots

There are occasions when you need more of everything. That applies to the capacity of the wallet you carry, too. Luckily, wallet manufacturers have responded by making a variety of wallets with lots of card slots. Some of them have a capacity of up to 36 cards. But these aren’t …

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21 Best Security Wallets for Credit Cards

Ekster Senate smart wallet with cards extracted

A good security wallet protects your credit cards in 3 important ways. It prevents credit card skimming with RFID-blocking technology. It helps keep your cards from bending or breaking. It securely holds your cards while providing an efficient way to access them. But function isn’t everything. You also want a …

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7 RFID Wallets that Prevent Credit Card Scanning

Aluminum Ridge wallet

You need an RFID wallet that prevents credit card scanning because digital thieves have portable devices that can goad you card into giving up your financial information. The jury is still out about the real risk of this happening in the real world. But, as they say, it’s better to …

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