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The Best Minimalist Wallets for Men in 2023

Ekster Senate and the Ridge. Best minimalist wallet

The best minimalist wallets for men in 2022 are really more like cardholders than conventional wallets. They are thin, slim, and some, like the Ridge, are no larger than a credit card. When you put one of these wallets in your front pocket, you’ll feel like your pocket just got …

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5 Best Designer Canvas Wallets for Women 2023

Burberry arlington stripe wallet

Canvas isn’t just for tents anymore. Canvas wallets might not sound all that impressive by name, but a wide range of designer brands offer canvas products. This material can be durable and long-lasting and is known for its resemblance to leather. In this post, we will discuss the power of …

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5 Dad-Worthy Innovative Wallets for Father’s Day 2023

Ekster Parliament wallet open

These innovative wallets have features that even the pickiest dads will love receiving (even if they grumble that you didn’t need to buy them anything). But how are you supposed to pick one? Here are 5 of the best dad-worthy wallets you can get for your dad for Father’s Day, …

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Ridge Wallet Competitors: 5 Alternatives That Can’t Be Beat

5 Ridge wallet competitors

Wallet junkies and casual shoppers alike are often drawn in by the famous Ridge wallet. It’s well-built, compact, and has a nice overall aesthetic that’s simple but stylish. Problem is, it’s not exactly the most affordable option on the market. Luckily, there’s a host of alternatives out there and some …

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