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Aviator Wallet is Ridiculously Better than the Ridge

Four different versions of the Aviator wallet

The Aviator slim wallets comes in 3 basic designs: the Aviator Classic, Aviator Slide, and the Aviator Slide One. All Aviator wallets are 100% made in Germany with free standard shipping to the US.  The Ridge is made in China, but it’s much better known than Aviator because of a …

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Aviator Slim Wallet – Promo Codes, Discounts & More Ways to Save

Aviator promo code

The Aviator wallet is one of my favorite minimalist cardholder wallets. Designed and handcrafted in Germany, it has a modular design with high-grade materials and smart card management.  The problem is that the price can quickly become stratospheric, depending on the modular components you choose.  In this post, I will …

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