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Is My Coach Bag Real or Fake?

Let’s be honest, designer bags are not cheap. When it comes to purchasing a designer bag or wallet, you want the real deal.

If you are planning on investing in one, you might wonder whether or not you are getting the promised quality—especially if you are looking to buy one on a budget. Unfortunately, buying a designer bag at a lower price can come with its fair share of problems.

Are you buying a nice bag for a low price or a cheap bag for a high price? In this article, we are going to discuss how to spot a fake Coach bag or wallet so that you can make informed decisions.

What Is The Deal With Fake Bags?

Making fake bags is an industry that has been around for ages and shoppers do a good job of keeping it going. Some people specifically look for these knockoffs. They want the designer look without having to pay the large price tag, and while that is fair, it doesn’t work out for those who want the real deal.

With practice, the people who make fake bags have gotten shockingly good at it, but there are still plenty of ways to tell if you are getting the bag that you actually want.

Do A Physical Quality Check

The first way to determine if you are holding an actual Coach bag is to do a simple quality check. The fact is that Coach is not a cheap brand and their bags do not look or feel cheap. Brands like this always check their stock, so if you see a Coach bag that doesn’t look quite right, you are probably looking at a fake.

The first thing to consider is the pattern. Coach has a signature pattern that it puts on a majority of its products. You can easily pull a picture of it up online and compare it to the bag that you are looking at. If it looks off, has poor stitching, or feels cheap, it is not a true Coach product.

For all purposes, you can safely assume that a Coach bag is always going to look and feel perfect. If something seems off, it most likely is.

Conduct A Coach Serial Number Check

When it comes to making a purchase, a Coach serial number check is always a good way to know if you have an authentic Coach wallet or bag. Like any major brand of incredible quality, Coach is known for applying distinct serial numbers to every product that they make.

If it is a real Coach bag, it will have a serial number on it that can be verified against the Coach database.

In bags, you will most commonly find this serial number on a beautiful leather tag or plaque somewhere inside the bag. When inside, it is generally stamped onto the material directly.

However, for wallets and some of the more recent bags, Coach has opted to put the number on a small white tag on the interior instead. Authentic Coach wallets have this tag next to another tag that informs you where the product was made. You can always call Coach directly to confirm that the number is valid.

Is Amazon A Reliable Source For Coach Bags?

When you are shopping for designer bags, online shopping can be your best friend or your worst enemy. Yes, there are places that sell designer bags online for a lower price. You can find flash sales or people who are just trying to get rid of a bag, but there is only one real way to confirm the quality of a Coach bag on Amazon: Buy it from Coach directly.

Most major retailers have a profile on Amazon where they sell their products and Coach is no different. For total Coach authenticity, though, take the time to order it straight from Coach. They will always be your best bet.

Where Are Coach Bags Made?

A lot of people assume that they can spot a real or a fake Coach bag by its country of origin, but that isn’t really true. Coach makes bags in a wide range of places. Two of our fully authentic Coach wallets come from India and Thailand—and a majority come from China.

Some are made in the United States, but that is far from the standard and will be clearly printed on the product. Regardless, the fact is that Coach has different production facilities in different areas and the place it was made generally won’t tell you anything about its authenticity.

Finding High-Quality Coach Products For Cheap

So, you want to buy a Coach bag on a budget, but you don’t want to get ripped off? This is completely understandable, which is why I wanted to talk a little bit about shopping Coach sales.

The best way to get that high-quality Coach bag at a low price is to consider sales from major retailers. Coach is constantly running sales on different products, which makes it easy for you to find their authentic Coach wallets and bags at a low price.

You can also get a great deal by shopping directly through Coach’s online outlet, particularly around the holidays. The prices can get unbelievably low, so always keep an eye out.

Beyond Coach, major retailers like Macy’s and Nordstroms have also been known to run the occasional holiday sale. This allows you to get those low prices without risking a knockoff purchase.

Top 11 Authentic Coach Wallets

In my opinion, Coach has the best wallets around. They last a long time, are easy to clean, and generally just feel sturdy. I’ve used Coach wallets for years and never been disappointed with one. I generally just get a new one if I’m looking for a new color or style. Below are some of my favorites.

Coach Skinny Wallet

This classic Coach wallet has been around for ages and brings together the best of their signature look in a smaller form. It is still big enough to hold all of your essentials, but it isn’t so big that it is hard to get into your purse or bag. It can support a jaw-dropping fifteen cards, so this one is perfect for all of you rewards cards lovers out there!

Coach Mini Skinny Leather ID Case

This wallet is more than just a cute name. In my opinion, these are some of the best wallets that Coach makes because they are just so adorable and simple. They are the perfect addition to your daily use. I like to use these for keeping my main debit card and ID at the ready at all times.

Coach Rexy Wristlet

One of Coach’s charms is the way that they periodically drop fun new designs. Though a lot of their products are classy, they tend to show up with a few fun ones every season. This wristlet brings together an adorable pattern to a signature Coach product. Who doesn’t love a cute T-Rex?

Coach Foldover Crossbody Clutch

A nice clutch is an invaluable addition to any closet—and Coach does this one well. This simple black clutch brings together a classy design and support for up to eight credit cards too. Your phone will love riding in this thing!

Coach Sharky Print Small Wristlet

Small wristlets are perfect for concerts, or even just walking the town with friends. Easily carry your cards and chapstick on the go with this small wristlet. It has my favorite Coach character, Sharky, and comes with a cute color scheme too!

Coach Colorblock Leather Britt Wristlet

This is one of the most original Coach wristlet designs that I have seen and it comes in three cute colors. This adorable bag will make you look like a fashionista who is about to make it big in New York City—and it can hold your base essentials with ease!

Coach Small Wallet In Crossgrain Leather

Personally, this is one of my favorite designs that Coach makes. If you are looking for a simple and totally classy wallet, this one is it. Think business professional with a cute fashionable twist!

Coach Zip Chain Card Case In Colorblock

Only Coach could manage to turn a wallet into a keychain and still make it look classy. This wallet is the living proof. If you don’t love this wallet for its convenience, you will absolutely love it for its color. It’s too cute and so user friendly!

Coach Signature Coated Canvas Colorblock Wallet

If you want a wallet that distinctly says Coach, look no further. This is their signature wallet and pattern for a reason—and people always recognize it. This is also one of the go-to styles for people to take. Fortunately, this link is for a completely authentic Coach wallet so you don’t have to worry!

Coach Horse and Carriage Coated Canvas Flat Card Case

Coach is known for their signature Horse and Carriage logo and this wallet does it justice. This no-nonsense wallet is perfect for holding your top cards and nothing else. It’s great for travel!

Coach Slim Signature Accordion Zip-Around Wallet Gift Box

For the card lovers among us, this one’s for you. This amazing accordion wallet can hold all of the cards that you need—and a few that you don’t. It comes in a cute signature style and looks great coming out of a bag!

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