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6 Metal Wallets with Elastic Bands

Aluminum Ridge wallet

These minimalist metal card holder wallets all use elastic bands or straps to securely hold up to 20 cards and small amounts of currency, too. Finding a good metal and elastic wallet can be a difficult feat. What’s a body to do? To help you make an informed choice, I’ve …

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5 Slim and Uncluttered Card Holder Wallets

kore, ekster, fidelo, distil, ridge wallets together

A credit card holder wallet is designed to reduce the clutter. Here’s how to banish your bulky billfold and downsize to a minimalist front pocket card holder. Be honest. You’ve run out of reasons to keep carrying the bulky, overstuffed leather wallet that looks like it starred in a Seinfeld …

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5 Tactical Adventure Wallets for Hunters and Outdoorsmen

Dango T01 tactical wallet

Dyed-in-the-wool outdoorsmen need to travel fast and light with a tactical adventure wallet that is built for more than just cards and cash. These tactical wallets will appeal to men who want their wallets to be tough and stand up to the elements, while also being multi-functional. Many are made …

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5 Super Thin Wallets with a Money Clip Outside

I-clip wallet showing the bare frame and the money clip.

If you’re looking for an ultra-thin wallet that will also carry cash under an outside money clip or money strap, this post is for you.  There isn’t a wallet on this list that’s much thicker than 0.30”. One of them, in fact, is only the thickness of 4 credit cards …

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Awesome I-CLIP Card Holder Wallet: The Complete Hands-on Review

I-clip closeup of top card pushed out of wallet with thumb.

SUMMARY Designed and made in Germany, the I-CLIP is a stylish minimalist cardholder wallet for men or women. It feels feather-light in your pocket and gives you fast access to up to 12 cards. It has an ingenious minimalist design that is based in pure simplicity. PROS CONS Specifications Materials: …

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